Accounting service includes external professional double-entry bookkeeping in the SW 6K. We provide comprehensive services of the financial accounting starting from the data insertion to statements and reports delivery for companies’ management or various institutions, including consultations and expert opinions.

We offer an accounting supervisory for the clients who already have their own accountant or more accounting workers but they want to have guaranteed professional supervision over the quality of their accountants´ work.


This service includes following activities:

  • Implementation and subsequent complete management of the entire financial accounting processes according to the Czech accounting and tax legislation, with the possibility of accounting for costs centres, departments, contracts etc.,
    • setting up the system of accounting documents workflow,
    • processing of all submitted documents and administration of all legally-determined accounting books and records,
    • keeping record and issuing invoices,
    • keeping record of a cash book,
    • control of the payments of received and issued invoices,
    • control of the advance payments in the accounting,
    • billing of the travel expenses and business trips,
    • managing the obligation of keeping records of the VAT payers,
    • possibility of connection with the client´s electronic payment system, payment ensuring,
    • regular monthly and quarterly financial statements,
  • Keeping records of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Assets inventory.
  • Financial reporting as required by the mother company.
  • Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements, preparation of the Financial Statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Publication of the Financial Statements in the Collection of Documents maintained by the Commercial Register.
  • Cooperation with the SW company in the area of the computer systems setting.
  • Corporate consultancy.

Our accounting consultancy includes provision of methodological assistance with preparing the internal guidelines. We also offer a reconstruction of client´s accounting of the current and already closed accounting periods, including follow-up processing of additional tax returns.

All the services are performed in accordance with the Act on Accounting, accounting standards (Czech and international) and other related regulations.


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