Tax Consultancy

Our company is registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic, as a legal entity authorized to provide tax advisory. Our services include tax consultancy in all areas of entity and individual´s taxation, international taxation and indirect taxation.

In the area of tax consultancy we provide following services:

  • Processing of all types of tax returns for legal entities and individuals
    • income tax,
    • value added tax,
    • road tax,
    • tax on the acquisition of immovable property,
    • land tax.
  • Processing of Review and Recapitulative Statements to VAT.
  • Processing INTRASTAT Statements.
  • Processing reports of self-employed individuals for the Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies.
  • Deferred tax calculation.
  • Postponing the deadline for filling the corporate income tax return or individual´s income tax return by proxy.
  • Communication with the tax office by proxy (representation during the inspections etc.).
  • Consultancy in the area of taxation within international trading.
  • Tax advisory related to company transformation, choice of legal form of business.
  • Assessment of business plans from a tax perspective.
  • A comprehensive assessment of client´s tax situation.
  • Tax optimization – minimization of the tax burden by using all legal means.
  • Assessment of internal tax control and systems in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Supervisory of the bookkeeping for the tax purposes.
  • Notification to tax deadlines and due dates of taxes and tax advances.
  • Tax consultations on current problems.
  • Information about tax updates, news, opinions.
  • Issuing opinions to various disputable tax issues.

Our goal is to make the orientation in the Czech and foreign tax system easier for our clients.


For more information about our services or if you have any question, please, contact us using the form below.